Carpet Padding

Keep your carpet strong and soft

What Does Carpet Padding Do? 

When looking for a new carpet, it’s easy to focus only on the surface. The surface is, after all, what you will see and walk on every day. But, what lies underneath the surface is also an important part of every new carpet. Carpet padding, for example, has both functional and design benefits that will certainly affect the performance of a new carpet.

There are three main types of carpet padding: foam, rubber, and fiber. Foam carpet pads are soft and flexible, and they are similar to the foam in mattresses and some car seats. Rubber pads are also soft, and they are often strong and resilient enough for commercial settings. Likewise, some fiber carpet pads can handle commercial traffic, but there are also some more appropriate for residential traffic.

What exactly does carpet padding do for a carpet? Most carpet pads are soft, so they provide comfort underfoot. This is especially important in residential settings, since softness and comfort are both necessary. In commercialsettings, pads are typically harder to handle heavy traffic. Carpet padding also has insulation benefits, and this helps keep the carpet warm even in cold settings. The right padding can impact appearance as well, since it reduces crushing and matting of the carpet’s surface.

Many newer and stronger carpet cushions also are waterproof. They stop liquids from ever reaching the subfloor, and this in turn protects against mold and mildew. So, if you want to keep your carpet soft, beautiful, and clean, make sure you pay particular attention to the carpet padding!