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Watch any home remodeling program today and you'll immediately notice a bias toward ripping out all the carpet and putting in hardwood.  While we at Johnson Carpet One love, sell, and showcase hardwood floors, we think that carpet isn't getting a fair shake.  Even after these programs have put a hard surface throughout the home, they turn to carpet to soften the look and feel of a room.  And that's exactly one of the best uses of carpet.  It's the only flooring to offer a soft surface that's durable to walk on … or lay on as the case may be.  Because that's what carpet does, it invites you.  It invites you to get comfortable, take off your shoes, and stay a while.

Carpet has come a long way from the flooring we remember as kids.  It's gone high tech, with backings that are completely waterproof.  Your kids or pets can make a mess and it will never seep down to the pad and into the subfloor.  And there are now fibers that won't stain, even if you spill bleach on them.  There are soft fibers that feel like cashmere under your hand, and natural fibers that are made of wool and not even dyed.  There are colors and patterns galore, all of which can be customized into a rug of your design and choosing or installed wall to wall. And, for extra comfort underfoot, you can choose appropriate carpet padding.

Carpet is also one of the most cost effective floors available.  Johnson Carpet One has a Discount Outlet arm that has remnants and stock rolls on hand in prices that put remodeling a bedroom within reach.

And, if you're unsure of making an investment in a carpet that you may not like, Johnson Carpet One is the only local store that offers a Beautiful Guarantee.  If you pick out a Carpet One exclusive product and you don't like it for ANY reason, we will replace it for free.  And Carpet One is also the only one to offer a Healthier Living Installation.  

In addition, carpet is available in a variety of unique styles, most of which have different textures and looks.  If you want a formal look, cut pile carpet offers styles such as velvet, which has low-twisted fibers that result in a smooth surface.  For a bit of design, you may want to look at others that can give you a pin dot or a pattern.  If you want a more casual look, thicker fibers or ones with more twist can give you a looser appearance.  This also will hide seams better.  If you're afraid of seeing footsteps, as in a home office, consider a loop carpet or a berber.  These hold up well since the fiber is woven into loops which don't have a cut end.


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Lees carpet combines style with stain resistance, and it features an industry-leading warranty. You can only find it at Carpet One stores!

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STAINMASTER continues to be one of the most popular names in the industry. STAINMASTER carpet is built to handle busy home settings.

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We're happy to be your local Karastan dealer! Karastan carpet is luxurious and durable, and it can add style to your home.

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