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High quality installation is the most crucial step towards enjoying your new hardwood flooring for a full lifetime. At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home, you can trust in our professional expertise, whether you’re considering a self-install, or would like to partake in our skillful services. Perfecting your floors is our passion and we’re so confident in our crew’s skillful abilities that we’re willing to back up each job with a lifetime warranty.

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The Installation Process: An Overview

Starting from scratch? The great news is you have several options- you can either install a pre-finished floor, or install unfinished wood and finish your floor onsite. Prefinished hardwood is often favored for its minimal mess, while unfinished hardwood can ultimately offer more options in sheen, grade, and color. Both are intended for a lifetime of enjoyment.

To ensure a safe, long lifetime, an onsite moisture test should be conducted prior to starting the overall project. This eliminates the likelihood of any future problems since excessive moisture can cause your floor to cup, while a lack of moisture can cause gapping and cracks. The key, therefore, is to achieve the perfect happy medium: something our professional team can happily help you accomplish.

Want to learn more? All onsite project estimates are completely FREE, and we’re happy to come to you – or just stop by our Grandville showroom today.

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