Hardwood Maintenance

Keep your hardwood floors looking new with these best practices

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

how to clean hardwood floors Grandville, MI

Hardwood floors can certainly add style and luxury to your home, but there is some maintenance required to keep that natural beauty. But, have no fear: let the experts at Johnson Carpet One show you how to clean hardwood floors! As always, it’s important to consult the specific manufacturer’s directions, but our tips will definitely help.

There’s no best way to clean hardwood floors; only routine maintenance is necessary. Your hardwood floor should be swept every day to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Dust, dirt, and other particles can damage the finish and scratch the floor’s surface. Also, any spills should be wiped immediately to avoid stains and moisture damage. We recommend dry mopping that hardwood floor once a week with a specialized treatment. Be sure that the treatment is approved by the manufacturer so that there aren’t any issues.

Damp mopping can sometimes be practical for cleaning hardwood floors, but you should definitely check with the manufacturer to find an approved natural pH cleaner.

Hardwood Refinishing

If there is long-lasting damage to the floor’s surface and finish, hardwood floor refinishing is probably the best option. Here’s a simple test to see if refinishing is necessary. Place a drop of water on the floor’s surface. If the drop is absorbed into the surface, then you should look to refinish the floors.

What does refinishing hardwood floors involve? A professional will clean and sand the surface to remove any remaining finish and to smooth the surface. Then, new finish and stain will be applied, and the floor will be protected and look brand new. For most solid hardwood floors, refinishing can be done multiple times!

To learn how to refinish hardwood floors and to determine the cost to refinish hardwood floors, be sure to visit our Grandville, MI store today.