Mannington Adura

Reliable luxury vinyl flooring that will stand up to everyday life

Mannington Adura

Mannington is without a doubt one of the most reliable flooring manufacturers in the industry, especially when it comes to resilient flooring. We at Johnson Carpet One are happy to carry Mannington’s premier luxury vinyl flooring option, Mannington Adura.

Adura, like other luxury vinyl floors, offers authentic wood and tile looks. Its luxury vinyl planks, for example, look exactly like hardwood, and its luxury vinyl tiles look like ceramic and stone tiles. Nonetheless, although Adura does offer similar looks, it is much more durable than its natural counterparts. Adura’s surface includes Mannington’s ScratchResist technology, so it resists nearly all scratches, scuffs, and other markings. As a result, unlike wood and tile, Adura never needs to be refinished or resealed. Also, because of its layered construction, Adura resists heavy foot traffic and other impacts. The planks and tiles will therefore never chip, crack, or collapse.

What about installation? Adura can be installed with Mannington’s LockSolid technology. With this technology, the planks or tiles click together and float over the subfloor without any special adhesive. LockSolid installation is definitely easier and quicker than standard glue-down installations.

Adura Max

For areas with heavy moisture or foot traffic, we recommend Adura Max. Adura Max has all of the same advantages of Adura, but it has a few additional product performance technologies that set it apart from Adura. Adura Max, for example, has a special HydraLoc core. With this core, Adura Max planks will not collapse under heavy foot traffic or other impacts, so they can handle stresses that regular Adura planks cannot handle. Also, the HydraLoc core is totally waterproof. It therefore prevents Adura Max planks from ever warping when exposed to moisture.

The HydraLoc core isn’t the only performance feature that separates Adura Max from the competition; there also is the Ultra-Quiet attached pad. This pad is relatively flexible and soft, so it provides additional comfort underfoot. Adura Max is therefore much more comfortable than wood, laminate, and even traditional Adura for that matter. The Ultra-Quiet pad also has sound reduction qualities, so noisy footsteps will never be an issue. Finally, the pad, since it is flexible, makes it so that Adura Max planks can be installed over uneven subfloors.

To learn more about Adura and Adura Max, visit our Grandville, MI showroom today!