Tile Backsplash

Design a beautiful backsplash with tile

Backsplash Options

tile backsplash Grandville, MI

We at Johnson Carpet One have been helping our customers design beautiful kitchens for a number of years. One of our areas of expertise is kitchen backsplashes. Backsplashes can certainly be an integral part of your new kitchen, so be sure to stop by our Grandville, MI showroom to get started with one of our experts!

The most popular backsplash option is the tile backsplash. These backsplashes are typically made from ceramic tile, but a ceramic backsplash tile is smaller and thinner than a floor tile. The backsplash tiles can be arranged in simple designs (like you see in the photo), or they can be arranged in intricate designs. In fact, it’s certainly not uncommon to use backsplash tiles to create custom images or even murals. Other backsplash options include mosaic tiles, glass, and marble, all of which offer more design versatility than ceramic. 

Design is definitely an important consideration when it comes to backsplashes, but durability should be considered as well. Depending on its location in a kitchen, a backsplash may need to resist moisture, heat, or grease. A backsplash above a sink, for example, will certainly need to resist moisture. Ceramic is usually durable enough for most kitchen locations, but mosaic and glass may not be the best options. We have a tremendous amount of experience with kitchen backsplashes, so we surely will be able to help you make the most appropriate choice.