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Vinyl flooring is one of the best-performing floor options because of its unique combination of comfort, durability, and style. We are your neighborhood vinyl experts here at Johnson Carpet One, so be sure to stop by our Grandville, MI store today!

Vinyl, unlike other hard surface flooring options like hardwood and laminate, is made completely from plastic. As a result, the planks and tiles are relatively soft and comfortable underfoot. The plastic construction also means that vinyl flooring is water resistant. It is therefore suitable for any room in the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. Another benefit of vinyl is its easy installation. Many vinyl floors, especially the newer luxury vinyl flooring, can be installed using the “click” method. With this, the planks or tiles perfectly click together, so no liquids or dust will reach the subfloor.

Although vinyl has a plastic construction, it looks and feels exactly like hardwood, stone, or tile. In fact, the looks are so authentic that it’s often difficult to distinguish between vinyl and something like natural hardwood! Vinyl replicates these looks because it includes a special layer with an high-resolution image of either hardwood, stone, or tile. So, if you want the want the natural looks of hardwood but are worried about moisture, then vinyl is the perfect solution.