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Kitchen & Bathrooms in Grandville, MI

Your kitchen and bathroom are the hearts of your home. At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home have been helping our customers design beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for decades. From moisture resistant and waterproof flooring to custom countertops and tile backsplashes, count on us to help make your kitchen or bathroom unique. 



Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring

Kitchen & bathroom floors should durable, stain-resistant, and water-repellent. Certain products, like solid hardwood, can warp if they’re exposed to water or humidity. This leads to cupping, cracking, gapping, and other issues. It can also result in long-term problems if leaks escape to the subfloor, causing rot and mold growth. We offer different water-repellent floors, including wood looks, so you can have the appearance of any surface in your kitchen without problems.


Tile flooring is a classic example. It’s available in a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures. There even slip-resistant and crack-resistant choices. Our experts can you find the perfect option for your home. We also provide premium installation services, so your new floor will look beautiful.


Vinyl flooring is another popular. We have both water-resistant and fully waterproof vinyl flooring. This includes wood look planks with ultra-realistic hardwood visuals. You can have the appearance of birch, hickory, maple, cherry, and more in your bathroom or kitchen without the worry. Vinyl tiles beautifully emulate real tile and stone without the cost and expensive installation process. It can even be grouted.



Custom Countertops

Starting a kitchen or bathroom remodel? There are things to consider before you say goodbye to your old countertops. Our basic countertop options include stone, laminate, and wood. The most budget friendly option, laminate countertops are making a comeback with all new patterns that can mimic natural stone and wood.


Quartz countertops are maintenance free. They are stain, acid, scratch, and heat resistant due to their non-porous surface, which also means they do not need to be sealed. Traditional granite countertops offer high-end looks and add value. Because granite is a natural stone, its color varies from slab to slab. It requires a bit more maintenance than quartz, so wipe up stains quickly and routinely seal the surface. Butcher block-style wooden counters are decorative and functional. When properly sealed, these counters are great for food prep and are highly heat resistant.


There also new materials being used for countertops, including those made from recyclable materials, concrete, and glass. The type of material you choose should be highly dependent on the type of use and level of activity you plan on for your kitchen or bathroom. Each type of countertop has its own special properties that make them unique.



Tile Backsplashes & Accent Tile

Tile backsplashes are made from ceramic tile. Ceramic backsplash tile is smaller and thinner than floor tile. Backsplash tiles can be arranged in simple or intricate designs. It’s common to use backsplash tiles to create custom images or even murals.


Other backsplash options include:

Design is an important consideration when it comes to backsplashes, but durability should be considered too. Depending on its location in a kitchen, a backsplash may need to resist moisture, heat, or grease. A backsplash above a sink will certainly need to resist moisture. Ceramic is durable enough for most kitchens, but mosaic and glass might not be the best option. We have a tremendous amount of experience with kitchen backsplashes and can help you make the most appropriate choice.



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Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home is your one-stop shop when it’s time to revamp your kitchen or bathroom. We offer a wide range of flooring options, as well as moisture testing, countertops, custom backsplashes, custom tiled showers, heated flooring systems, kitchen & bathroom design, and so much more. Please visit us soon at 4034 Chicago Drive SW in Grandville MI.




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We offer complete design services for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to floors, we can help you pick out other necessities such as countertops.




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