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Tile Flooring Store in Grandville, MI

Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home in Grandville, MI is your local expert when it comes to tile. We offer an expansive tile inventory including floor tile, wall tile, and decorative tile. Tile isn’t just for your floors. We offer a variety of tile options that can go inside, outside, on your walls, as a shower and so much more. Our tile experts are here to help you find the best tile for your next project.


Tile continues to be a classic choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of its resistance to heat, moisture, and wear. Tile can go in other places around your home as well though. Trends like wood look tile allow you to have the look of wood flooring anywhere in your home with the added benefits of tile.



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Types of Tiles

The most popular floor and wall options are ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and stone tile.


Ceramic tile is popular in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s water resistant and easy to clean and can go on floors and walls. Ceramic tile comes from a mixture of clay, sand, and other materials fired together to create a durable, moisture-repellent material. They’re either glazed or unglazed, and are used for wall tiles, backsplashes, showers, countertops, and more. Ceramic tiles aren’t usually seen in outdoor settings because they’re susceptible to extreme elements.


Porcelain tile is denser than ceramic, overseeing heavy moisture and changing weather conditions, making it better for outdoor and high-traffic settings. Porcelain tiles come from denser clay and fire at higher temperatures to create a more durable, waterproof product. They can withstand foot traffic and other stressors better than ceramic. However, since they’re heavier, porcelain products aren’t as easy to adhere to walls, so they aren’t used for wall tiles and backsplashes – although exceptions exist.


Stone tiles come from slabs of natural materials like granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, quartzite, travertine, and more. Each stone tile is completely unique in its appearance, with gorgeous natural colors, patterns, and textures. You can install stone tiles in both indoor and outdoor settings thanks to their ultra-durable and moisture-repellent properties. You can also use stone for hearths and fireplaces because it’s heat resistant.


Both ceramic and porcelain tile are available in assorted styles and designs, including natural wood and stone looks. There are advantages to choosing wood look tile, both aesthetic and functional. Real hardwood is inherently porous and tends to shrink and expand with humidity and moisture exposure. This can cause wood planks to warp, particularly in areas with hot summers and tough winters like Grandville.


Wood plank tiles are water-repellent and fast drying, making them an ideal flooring solution. You can use wood plank tile flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, basements, and other moisture-prone rooms. It’s also stylish enough to use throughout your home, a trend that’s becoming more popular, particularly in lakeside properties.


Compared to ceramic and porcelain tiles, decorative tile is smaller and less durable, but more design oriented. It is perfect for walls and backsplashes, and it can be used to add unique style to larger areas. Decorative tiles are glazed for extra shine and are often used to create tile backsplashes.



Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are typically made from ceramic tile, but a ceramic backsplash tile is smaller and thinner than a floor tile. The backsplash tiles can be arranged in simple designs or they can be arranged in intricate designs. In fact, it’s certainly not uncommon to use backsplash tiles to create custom images or even murals. Other backsplash options include mosaic tiles, glass, and marble.



How to Maintain Your Backsplash Tile

Keeping your backsplash tile clean is easy. Wiping down tiles and ensuring their cleanliness is effortless because spills are easy to clean and wipe. Don’t forget to clean your grout lines, either. Grout lines should be scrubbed to ensure that dirt does not get trapped and cause the tile to look dirty. Doing so will make your tile and grout stand out against your kitchen or bathroom walls and décor.




Tile Installation

Tile is a versatile product and can go anywhere in your home including on your floors and walls. Not only that, but tile can be used in your bathroom as a custom shower stall or bathtub enclosure. We are an Authorized Schluter® Dealer, which means you can expect only the best installation when it comes to tile. Did you know that Schluter-Systems incorporate recycled material into the manufacturing of its products? Not only are Schluter® products durable, but they’re also considered eco-friendly. 


One of our areas of expertise is kitchen backsplashes. Backsplashes can certainly be an integral part of your new kitchen. Tile backsplashes are typically made from ceramic tile, but a ceramic backsplash tile is smaller and thinner than a floor tile. The backsplash tiles can be arranged in simple or intricate. We can even use backsplash tiles to create custom images or murals. Other backsplash options include mosaic tiles, glass, and marble.


Design and durability are important considerations when it comes to backsplashes. Depending on its location in a kitchen, a backsplash may need to resist moisture, heat, or grease. A backsplash above a sink will need to resist moisture. Ceramic is durable enough for most kitchen locations, but mosaic and glass may not be the best options. We have a tremendous amount of experience with kitchen backsplashes and can help you make the most appropriate choice.



Our Tile Collection

We offer a wide range of tile brands, including Virginia Tile, American Olean, DuraCeramic, and Daltile. DuraCeramic is an innovative ceramic alternative that’s incredibly durable, while Daltile is a beloved industry staple specializing in a wide range of tile mediums.

As a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home has the buying power of a thousand other stores yet maintain our local roots. Visit our Grandville, MI showroom today and discover our amazing selection of tile. 





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Maintaining Tile

Wiping down tiles is effortless because spills can easily be wiped away. Don’t forget to clean your grout lines, either. Grout lines need regular scrubbing to ensure that dirt doesn’t get trapped inside.



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